We know that ventilation systems (HVACs) are energy efficient when they are manufactured. But, after installation, there is no track of the energy efficiency with respect to the manufacturing data and often the efficiency drops more than 30%. This means that the customer has to pay 30% extra expenditure.

for i four has a solution that reduces the gap between manufacturing and installation and saves the electricity consumption plus constantly gives an energy insight of the system to the customer.

Our solution plugs into the existing ventilation systems (HVACs) and makes it possible to optimize the system and save considerable electricity consumptions. Through precise measurements and easy-to-understand data-based suggestions, the customer can choose to

  • increase the system’s efficiency,
  • save costs on electricity energy usage,
  • get valid CO2e emission statements used in sustainability accounting.

We give our customers complete insight into their system performance and peace of mind.

for i four has solution for ventilation systems that are on BMS (building management system) and also for those that have no connection to BMS. The solution only needs key metrics of the air handling unit (AHU) including:

  • air pressure,
  • air flow,
  • temperature and
  • fans operational status. 
In office buildings, ventilation systems often consumes about 40% of the total building electricity consumption.

What type of systems do we support?

With BMS

We have a cloud-based solution that provides an easy-to-understand dashboard with energy information of the system. 

This dashboard communicates with the BMS and get only data related to the ventilation system and runs the optimization. 

Without BMS

There are cases that the customer does not have BMS system. With our hardware solution, the key metrics including the air pressrure, temperature, fan’s status and all the other essential information will be communicated through and is accessable through our cloud-based data center. From here, the analysis of system will be exactly similar to the systems with BMS.