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In partnership with SOHO Business Center, we have undertaken an in-depth analysis of their existing ventilation systems, which cater to an office complex housing 600 employees. 

Leveraging our expertise in system optimization, and in collaboration with our specialized service partner in ventilation solutions, we have successfully installed an advanced CTS  to enhance the functionality and efficiency of the ventilation infrastructure. 

This initiative not only optimizes the operation of the system but also ensures improved air quality and energy efficiency, aligning with contemporary environmental standards and workplace health requirements. This upgrade represents a significant step forward in modernizing their facilities and underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, sustainable solutions in building management.

Process Optimization

We are specialized in optimization of the electrical mechanical systems. In collaboration with another startup that is specialized in water treatment systems (WTS), we helped

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

At 4i4, we have developed an energy-optimizing solution for Denmark’s largest museum, actively adhering to the strict conservation standards required for art preservation in Danish

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