Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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At 4i4, we have developed an energy-optimizing solution for Denmark’s largest museum, actively adhering to the strict conservation standards required for art preservation in Danish museums.

In collaboration with Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, we designed a dashboard that provides detailed insights into the consumption and performance of each individual air handling unit. The building houses 27 units, and we have pinpointed which ones perform best and worst, benchmarked against a baseline graph. Additionally, we have recommended automated settings for the CTS system based on parameters we continuously test.


This initiative has enabled the museum to gain a comprehensive understanding of their ventilation system usage, providing them with tools for sustainability reporting and allowing for real-time monitoring of the system in an easily accessible manner.

EcoVent comes with a meticulous identification of the most critical ventilation systems within the Louisiana Museum of Art. By pinpointing these key systems, clear priorities for optimization are set. Notably, our analysis reveals that the primary systems—comprising humidifiers and dehumidifiers alongside traditional ventilation units—account for over 30% of the building’s total electricity consumption, with Priority 1 systems alone consuming more than 80% of the energy allocated for climate control.

EcoVent offers the following advanced features to enhance the museum’s climate management:

  • Tailored Integration: EcoVent enhances the museum’s existing ventilation systems without changing their original design.
  • Precision Control: Our solution provides precise control over humidity and temperature, critical for art preservation.
  • Energy-Efficiency Alignment: EcoVent aligns energy consumption with crucial environmental parameters, optimizing art preservation conditions.
  • Data-Driven Insights: with our deep tech expertise, we offer actionable insights for dynamic system modulation that they cannot have in house.
  • Night and Day Adaptability: Ensures optimal environmental standards for art preservation during both visitor hours and after-hours.
  • Granular Consumption Analysis: EcoVent enables the museum to isolate ventilation energy usage, essential for accurate sustainability reporting and capital investment decisions.
  • Comparative System Analysis: Provides a comprehensive overview of energy consumption across ventilation systems, guiding strategic efficiency improvements and capital allocation.
  • Data driven decision making: all the decisions are made by data and make it easier for Louisiana to follow and make decisions.

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